The Danger of doing Car Battery Jump Start

12 July, 2021

Do you know the danger of doing car battery jump start yourself ?

By doing Car Battery Jump Start is always cost saving but, what if we tell you that it will damage your other car equipment or explosion will occur if proper check is not done properly and correctly?

Guide to do car battery jump start:

Jump Cable
You will need the basic item! Get a Jump start cable with sufficient length that will be able to reach from one car to another. Best if you could purchase a 3 to 6-metre-long cable as there need to be a certain distance between both cars.
Kids and people who are not involve in the execution should not stay near the area. Do not touch the jumper clamps and in-case of spark, wear safety goggles and rubber gloves if possible, to prevent electric shock and injury.
Vehicle Placing
Park both cars near each other but do not collide, try not to stay too close and preferably leaving each other around 1 metre. Put both vehicle in Park or Neutral mode with handbrake activated.