Check car engine oil

Car Running Out Of Oil with No Gas Station Nearby. What Should I Do?

Sometimes when we are too busy to check our car gas oil and running out of gas in the middle of trip. Most of the drivers feel fear and don’t know what to do. Here is what you should do when you face the same situation:

  • Reduce the brakes and do not drive at low speeds.
  • Turn off the appliances, navigation, radio, music, air conditioning, etc.
  • Economical speed. In general, the economic speed is 90 kilometers per hour.
  • Close the window at an economical speed. If you drive at an economical speed, then opening the window will undoubtedly increase the wind resistance, the wind resistance is large, the vehicle is subject to large resistance, and naturally requires more power.
Don’t wait for the reminder light to light up!
In general, the oil pump is cooled in oil. With less oil, the oil pump naturally does not cool well. In the long run, it will cause losses. It may cause the vehicle to fail to start. Prevent gasoline from flowing from the tank to the engine.